Facility Rentals

Available Facilities

The City of Rockmart has many types of facilities that are available to the general public. These facilities have been purchased or built to give the citizens a variety of options for business use and leisure enjoyment. While several of these facilities are available for rent there are some that are available on a first come basis as follows:

 Facility Name
Facility Type
Seaborn Jones Park Public Park Pavilion and Gazebo rentals
Silver Comet Trail    Public Trail No rentals available
Yellow Jacket Park Public Park No rentals available
Tennis Courts Public Courts No rentals available
Hogue Avenue Gym Gymnasium Rental
Rockmart Community Center Building Rental
Nathan Dean Sports Complex Public Park Pavilion rentals
The Depot at Richardson Field Building Rental
Women's Building Building Rental

How to Rent a Facility

Facilities are rented through the Rockmart Government Complex Administration Office at 316 Piedmont Avenue. The following steps will assist in your rental being successful.

  1. Determine which facility is most suited for your needs.
  2. Verify the availability of the facility for your special date by contacting our office at 770-684-5454.
  3. Pay the non-refundable booking fee of $25.00 (building facilities only).
  4. Complete a rental agreement form.
  5. Pay your rental deposit.
  6. Pay your rental fee prior to the rental date.
  7. Return to the Clerk's Office the day before your rental to obtain the facility key.
  8. Be sure the facility is clean, undamaged, and secure upon completion of your use.
  9. Return the key the following business day.
  10. Return of your refundable security deposit will be processed within 30 business days.*  
*(To receive a full deposit refund, customers must return the rental facility to a neat, clean, and undamaged
condition. To avoid addition clean-up charges, which may be deducted from the minimum refundable deposit,
clean-up must be completed within the use period. Facility must be cleaned and vacated no later than
11:00 PM)