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  1. If different from mailing address, please list complete physical address.

  2. Enter the name of the church, school, organization, or business you are representing.

  3. Height Restriction Acknowledgement*

    I acknowledge, understand and agree that I, and any group which I may represent, have been informed that the new height restriction on ALL TYPES of participation in the parade is 13 FEET due to the overhead hanging lights on South Marble Street in Rockmart, Georgia. I also agree that anyone with a height of more than 13 FEET will NOT be permitted to participate in the parade.

  4. Entry Type*

    Which type of entry best describes your submission?

  5. Float Competition*

    Does your group want to be considered in the judging for the float competition? (NOTE: Only churches, schools, clubs, and non-profit organizations are eligible for prizes.)

  6. Commercial Businesses

    Commercial Business are ineligible for prize money, however Commercial Businesses are still encouraged to participate with decorated, illuminated floats to add to the beauty and excitement of this annual event.

  7. Give a detailed description of your planned participation. Describe vehicle, trailer (if applicable), truck, animals, bicycles, motorcycles, number of walkers, ATV, etc. (HEIGHT RESTRICTION IS 13 FEET)

  8. Parade Rules

    • All APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED to the Parade Committee ONLINE by NOVEMBER 29, 2019. (NEW HEIGHT RESTRICTION ON ANY TYPE OF PARTICIPATION IS 13 FEET) PARADE DATE: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2019 AT 6:00 PM. • All entries must be approved by the Parade Committee. • All entries are encouraged to reflect a Holiday theme, or the parade theme with decorations and lights. • All applicants and drivers agree to read all rules and agree to the Hold Harmless Agreement linked herein. • NO LIVE IMPERSONATION OF SANTA CLAUS WILL BE PERMITTED. Santa Claus will be at the end of the parade with Rockmart Fire Department. They will stop at Rockmart History Museum, 133 S. Marble Street, in Downtown Rockmart to light the Rockmart Christmas Tree and meet with kids of all ages. • To participate in the float competition, the parade theme, “Unwrap the Joy of Christmas” must be incorporated into the design and construction of the float. Illuminated floats are highly recommended. • Floats will be judged on Use of Theme, Artistic Design, Overall Appeal, Illumination, and Adherence to Parade rules. Up to 10 points for each category is allowed, but 5 points will be deducted for not following theme and for each violation of the rules. !!!!! HEIGHT CANNOT EXCEED 13 FEET. !!!!! • Participants, including any unit or walkers, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from handing out anything including, but not limited to candy, toys, goodie bags, flyers, materials, etc. • CONFETTI PROHIBITED! Do not throw or shoot confetti or any other objects. • All riders should be sitting or have a secure handle or prop to grasp. • All tailgates on trucks should be firmly latched in the upright position. • Do not allow riders to hang over the side of your truck or trailer. We recommend that an adult ride with or walk along side if children are participating. • Do not exit the float as long as it is in motion. • Do not allow riders on the floats to leave the float. To help divert congestion downtown after the parade, please make prior arrangements to meet in a designated place away from the parade end to dismount. • ILLUMINATE! Please use lights on your float. Do not burn candles or have any other open flame. • ALL Drivers must have a valid Georgia Drivers License, and will be required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement list the day of the parade. • Reckless/erratic driving is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. • Cyclists: Motorcyclists MUST wear helmets / Bicyclists under age 18 MUST wear helmets. • All Animals MUST have a cleanup detail following behind them. • Horses will not be allowed in the parade unless they are wearing a “diaper”, or have a cleanup detail following behind them. • NO VEHICLES dropping off participants are allowed parking or standing in the float staging area. To drop off parade participants, follow the direction of the parade staff. Do so quickly, then immediately move on. • FLOAT CONTESTANTS MUST be at the staging area and in place by 5:30 PM. • All other parade participants must be at Hilburn Field parking lot, or other designated area by 5:45 PM. • Violation of any of the above rules can be grounds for disqualification to participate.

  9. Terms & Conditions*

    I have read and agree to all of the terms & conditions on this application as well as all rules outlined in the above linked documents "2019 - CHRISTMAS PARADE LETTER, RULES, AND ROUTE WITH MAP" and agree to the "2019 - CHRISTMAS PARADE HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT". In addition, in consideration of being permitted to participate in the Christmas Parade, on behalf of the group I represent, myself, or a minor child or ward, heir, next of kin, personal representative, successor and/or assign; assume all risks and release waive, discharge, hold harmless, indemnify and covenant not to sue: City of Rockmart of any of its agencies, its employees, staff, volunteers, teachers, instructors, coaches, trainers, or officials affiliated with the City of Rockmart or Rockmart Cultural Arts Center.

  10. SUBMIT

    By submitting this form, you confirm that you and your participants and/or drivers have read and agreed to accept all of the Terms and Conditions outlined in this application and in the linked documents "2019 - CHRISTMAS PARADE LETTER, RULES, AND ROUTE WITH MAP" and "2019 - CHRISTMAS PARADE HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT", and further acknowledge the new height restriction is 13 FEET on all types of parade participation.

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