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City of Civility

City of CivilityGeorgia Municipal Association (GMA), in partnership with its nonprofit organization, Georgia City Solutions, created the Embrace Civility program in 2023 to equip Georgia’s cities with resources to create more civility in their meetings and among their residents and meeting attendees. Civil behavior and speech are critically important to a healthy, functional and respectful society. For public service to be effective, there must be an atmosphere of respect and tolerance and a commitment to a healthy public exchange of diverse ideas and viewpoints.

The EMBRACE Civility initiative encourages municipal elected officials to acknowledge their responsibility in modeling open, free, and vigorous debate while maintaining the highest standards of civility, honesty, and mutual respect not only with each other but with those they serve.   

 Becoming a City of Civility involves adopting a civility resolution that meets the recommendations approved by the GMA Board of Directors, as well as agreeing to the civility pledge and practicing the nine pillars of civility.

Once becoming a City of Civility, GMA will publicly recognize the City of Rockmart and provide the city with resources to create more civility in meetings and with residents. 

To become a City of Civility, city councils are required to adopt a Civility Resolution and pledge to engage in civil behavior with each other as well as with residents and meeting attendees.

The 9 Pillars of Civility 

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