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More About Seaborn Jones Memorial Park

Mr. Seaborn Jones

The park was renamed "Seaborn Jones Memorial Park" in 2002 after Mr. Seaborn Jones because of his generosity and the other significant contributions he made to the city.

Among his contributions were the lots for several churches to be built, the Rose Hill cemetery which overlooks downtown Rockmart and the land for the town square and the city park.

Park Features

The park is frequented by locals and visitors who want to relax under the shady oaks for a picnic or family gathering. Common sites in the park are bicyclers and walkers meandering through the shaded vistas or stopping by the creek for a refreshing wade through its cooling water.

The main attractions to the park, besides its peaceful atmosphere, are the Euharlee creek and the Silver Comet Trail which both run through the park.

Silver Comet Depot

The latest addition to the area is the "Silver Comet Depot" which is a beautiful community building adjacent to the park and Silver Comet Trail.

This building is available to rent for family gatherings, receptions and special events.